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I have put this site together for both teachers and students. I have come across a number of great websites and I would like to share them with anyone who is interested.

If you would like to add some additional sites then please send their links in the guestbook along with the learning area/strand as applicable.

Enjoy missdahill

Don't forget to visit my sites for kids below ...this is where I put most of my effort these days.


www.websitesforkids.webs.com (Worldwide: Except WA DoE Environment)

www.websitesforkids.biz  (This works in the DoE Environment)


Just4Kids - Games in all Learning Areas

Games - All Learning Areas

Gamequariem - ALL

Apples4theteacher - ALL

AmblesidePrimarySchool - ALL (click on the "Interactive" links for Literacy and Numeracy

Primarygames.com - ALL  Great games for kids! (KIDS, CHECK THIS OUT!)

Primary & Secondary - BBC Schools - ALL


CoogeePrimarySchool - Websites for Kids to Enter - ALL

AmblesidePrimaryDigitalBrain - ALL : By year level

Curriculum - What to Teach!

A Typical Course of Study: 

World Book Encyclopedia & Learning Resources -

A brief overview of topics by year level and learning area - T

Curriculumbits MC EA T

Blooms Taxonomy and Multiple Intelligence grids linked to Curriculum Content - T


K-10 Syllabus T

DET Online Resources T



EC = Early Childhood

MC = Middle Childhood

EA = Early Adulthood

ES = Education Support

ESL = English as a Second Language

IEC = Intensive English Centre

T = Content for Teachers

S = Content for Students